About Us

A yacht and motor cruiser transportation service is a necessity for private owners who want to move to new sailing areas and for boat businesses to move and deliver boats to owners, boat yards, the docks and exhibitions. Interboat's boat transport service is efficient, cost-effective, timely and, surprisingly, one of the cheapest methods of moving your craft.

Interboat has an expert team managing all of the logistical arrangements including insurance, travel schedules, escorts and police or local authority permissions. There are no hard and fast rules so each boat and owner combination is treated on a case-by-case basis and a tailored, reliable and safe service is the result.

We work with yacht brokers, boat builders, boat yards, boat shows, shipping agents, private boat owners and other boat haulage companies. 

Our drivers are highly respected in the industry and our fleet of trailers is bespoke and specifically equipped to transport vessels securely.

Interboat Conditions of Carriage

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