Pre-movement Preparations

We pride ourselves on the attention to detail and peace of mind we provide when moving all vessels.  We hope the following information will help you in the run-up to your boat move:

  • All movements with Interboat are comprehensively insured with our All Risks Policy which is not always a given in the industry but we consider it to be an important part of our service.  A member of our team will provide you with further details, upon request.
  • The cranage of the vessel, both on and off our trailer, at collection and destination points, is usually organised by you, the boat owner.
  • Water and fuel tanks will need to be drained, in order to keep the load weight to a minimum.
  • Disconnection of gas bottles and batteries.
  • Anything that is loose or hangs freely, externally and internally, needs removing, such as boat covers, spray hoods, fenders and warps.
  • The usual loaded height restriction,in the UK, is 16'5''/ 5 metres.  In cases where height of the load needs minimising, we may ask that arials, domes, lights, navigation masts, radar arches etc. be removed prior to loading.
  • We will advise if such things as windscreens, props, rudders etc. need to be removed for safe travel.
  • You may wish to organise sheeting of your vessel, in order to protect it from inevitable road spray throughout the journey.
  • Interboat Conditions of Carriage
  • Preparing Your Boat for Transport

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